What is cash-based physical therapy practice?

We don’t directly bill insurance on behalf of the patient but a lot of patients submit their own since we provide necessary paperwork. 

Would insurance reimburse my wellness visits?

No, the discounted package visits are offered or monthly subscription to wellness services with an option of telehealth

Why Don’t You Take Insurance? 

The level of treatment, 1-on-1 time, superior service and results are significantly better on average, which would not be possible if we would bill insurance due to limited reimbursement by insurance companies forcing the outpatient facilities to schedule 4-5 patients for the same hour. 

Between the full hour treatments and the effectiveness of manual therapy, we have patients maximally recovered in less than half the amount of visits they would need at the insurance-based clinic. 

What kind of payment do you take?

Cash, CC, checks are accepted. We offer the treatment packages at discounted price. 

How often would I be seen by practitioner?

Recommended frequency would depend on your diagnosis. You will be seen by a doctor of physical therapy providing undivided attention to your problem resulting in more efficient use of time and exceptional result. Home visits and office visits are offered to accommodate your needs, reduce time away from your home or work, eliminating the waiting room time. Ideal for busy moms – we can see you in your home – no need of hiring a babysitter, or busy office worker -we can see you at in your office or office gym reducing the time away from work. 

How do you communicate with your patients?

phone calls, encypted emails, telecommunication are offered

What is Telehealth?

We provide the supervision and guidance remotely using telecommunication technology. Online training programs and protocols are offered for wellness patients.