<<<<I have been a long time cyclist who took some time off due to family, injuries, illness and general laziness and now is attempting to make a comeback.   I have always hated the idea of taking a pill to feel better or mask a pain, so I stay away from more than an aspirin here or there.
I had always heard about acupuncture and dry needling but never had the nerve to try it for myself.   I had some friends who tried dry needling and said it hurt. But I had been dealing with a nagging pain in my back between my shoulder blades and up into my neck for years. Chiropractor visits didn’t help. Sports massages gave temporary relief.  So I spoke with Olga and got the nerve (pun intended) to try it out.
On my first visit she answered all of my questions explained everything and showed me the needles and we got to work.   I’ve had paper cuts that hurt worse.  When we were done, I felt extremely relaxed.  But I had expected something like a chiropractic visit..  Loud pop, crack and eye opening realization that “hey! That feels better!”  With this, there was a few minor pinches.  I was relaxed, but at first sort of left wondering.   It wasn’t until the drive home when I looked over my shoulder to change lanes that I realized I could turn my head further than I had been able to in years.  No pain… my head would just stop.  It was amazing.  That was my first clue that it was going to work.   After 4 visits I was able to move better than I had in years.  The NEW NORMAL.  And she was able to diagnose the source for my upper back and shoulder pain.   Weak core.   So she gave me some at home exercises after the 2nd visit.
What I have found is that I am able to move better in my day to day life with these nagging injuries gone.  My time on the bike has been significantly more comfortable and comfort = speed and power>>>
John H.

Having Olga attend this program was an unexpected surprise. She has a plethora of engaging questions and a real passion for learning. She is also a hidden treasure of track cycling knowledge here in the U.S. and provided me (

Michael Durner | Coach, Paralympic Cycling, United States Olympic Committee) with some excellent tips and insight for working on the track.